Zero-Waste Reusable Swab


2 Billion cotton swabs are thrown away each day in the United States alone. It's estimated that there are more swabs and straws in our oceans than there are fish.

Introducing the Zero-Waste Reusable Swab. The swab made from all-natural silica sand.

The Zero-waste Reusable Swab is made entirely of super-soft silicone which is derived from all-natural silica sand. The soft silicone tips provide that feeling we all know and love by cleaning our ears of all that nasty wax.

Just like an ordinary cotton swab, except without the waste!

But did you know that traditional cotton swabs aren't good for your ears?

It's true! Cotton strands get attached to your wax deep inside the ear and the body recognizes these strands as invaders, resulting in sore and itchy ear canals.


    Disposable cotton swabs should and will be a thing of the past. REUSWABLE makes this transition to a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle possible. Softer, more durable and more sustainable than conventional cotton swabs, our swabs are manufactured to medical-grade standards. As a result, our soft swabs can be used more than 2000 times, all you need to do is wash and store it after each use. One swab can last you YEARS.


    These environmentally friendly swabs can do what your regular cotton swabs can do!

    1. Correcting Make-Up

    2. Correcting Nail Polish


    3. Cleaning Outer Ears (we don't recommend cleaning inner ear with anything!)

    When you are done using it, you can simply wash REUSWABLES with a dab of soap and store it in the case!

    Our paper packaging and plastic case are made of recycled materials, which can be recycled again if you wish to.

    We are committed to creating reusable soft silicone swabs of the highest quality. If they break, let us know and we will send out a replacement swab or refund. 

    Advantage of Reuswable

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