Silicone Water Faucet Extender

Splashy water? Faucet a little too far for the little ones to reach?šŸ˜«
āœØThis dual way silicone water faucet extender is going to solve just all that! šŸ˜
šŸš°DUAL WAY WATER DISPENSING!Ā This smart silicone faucet extender comes withĀ two openingsĀ for different ways of water dispensing! Use the lower part for usual water flow or squeeze the lower part to use the upper for fountain flow function!
šŸ‘¶šŸ»EASY FAUCET ACCESS FOR THE LITTLE ONES!Ā Some faucets can be a littleĀ hard to reachĀ for the little ones soĀ make it easier for them to stay hygienicĀ with this silicone faucet extender! Stack two or more together if one isnā€™t enough to reach!
šŸ’¦NO SPLASHING WATER!Ā This faucet extenderĀ effectively controls the water streamĀ when the faucet is turned on and reduces the water splashes, making washing handĀ a lot less messyĀ for both adult and children!
āœ…HASSLE-FREE SLIP-ON INSTALLATIONĀ This silicone faucet extender requires absoluteĀ zero toolsĀ with installation! Simply slip the elastic extender onto any faucets and youā€™re good to go!
āœØPREMIUM FOOD-SAFE HEAT-RESISTING SILICONE!Ā This faucet extender is made of premium food-safe silicone materials, perfectly safe for daily use! Use this for cold and hot water as you desire because the high quality materials canĀ endure up to 250Ā Ā°C!
šŸ˜ŒUNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY TO ALL FAUCETS!Ā Made with premiumĀ anti-bacterialĀ elastic materials, this faucet extender can be stretched to theĀ perfect size to fit any kind of faucets!

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